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lundi 3 novembre 2008

Beach Pajamas Fashion : Pyjamapolis in French Riviera

Pajamas and umbrella

From 1930, in MONACO CANNES madness dress will take all summer: THE PAJAMA BEACH.
The publishers of postcards could not miss such a nice windfall. Photographers provide their cliches where many young women are so perfected by pajamas there is no doubt that these are professional models, set situation on the walk-Nades the seaside
By JUAN LES PINS, a local artist, Edmond LAHAYE (former singer Montmartrois) is a humorous light on this darling of beaches and summer draws in pajamas he edits in postcards. These drawings we return all the atmosphere and mood of that era: Elegance, carelessness, lightness, sensuality, new cult dedicated to the sun, this is reflected all the postcards showing beach pajamas.

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